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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Meet Jo

Well things are shaping up nicely and we now have four sponsors lined up at the moment. So this is going to be a busy place.
Spread the word ladies.
I would like to introduce you to JO today.


I'm Jo, 45 years old and love crafting, especially card making.

I have 4 wonderful kids, aged 12, 11, nearly 10 and 6 and a lovely husband, who puts up with my love of crafting.

I work part time, 3 days a week, always having Monday and Friday off, giving me a lovely long weekend. It does however mean I miss out on nearly all bank holidays. I make up for the days off though as working near to full time hours over those 3 days.(although only paid for half time)

I'm Dutch, but live in the UK and have done so for the last 14 years. My 11 year old daughter loves cardmaking as well, makes all her own cards and has her own blog as well as being a member of trimcraft (Tigerlover, our Junior DT Member).

My 3 sons love the odd bit of crafting, but not on a very regular basis.

My hobbies are card making, reading, studying and all 6 of us have over the last 6 months joined a karate club, most of us now being a yellow belt, although youngest has not done his first grading yet (but will do soon).

As far as cardmaking goes, I'm currrently in love with the more adventurous cards, either with moveable parts or the swinging or swivel type of cards. Nearlly all my cards (with the exception of a few of the really early ones and the first year of Christmas cards) can be found in my gallery at trimcraft at http://www.trimcraft.co.uk/projectgallery.php?u=4058&sid=eb3c6edca8c1fdee5974fb3c84de903f.

My latest cards can also be found on my blog at http://trimgym.blogspot.com/ . I also enjoy adapting existing papers to my own purpose or creating my own 3D decoupage images (I need an image to start from as I'm rubbish at drawing I'm afraid) and own background papers. These can partially also be found on my blog.


  1. Welcome Jo - I do love that space card - very cool...I certainly know two little boys that would love to recieve a card like that!x

  2. Hi everyone, thanks for welcoming me and I'm also looking forward to getting started as is my daughter.



  3. Hi Jo! Cute cards!:) Looking forward to working with you and the team and what a great time to bond with your daughter!:D Cathy

  4. Lovely work! Looking forward to work together!

    Sweet greetings,

  5. Fantastic cards. Looking forward to working with you. Anesha


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