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Flower Easel card Tutorial by Jo

Afternoon all,

Here is the promised tutorial for the Flower Easel Card sheet in my challenge until 19th July 2012 here and at Trimgym's Digistamps and Images. By clicking on this link you will go straight to the challenge post. You will remember perhaps that I have a little special freebie there for you, a Flower Easel card I designed myself (template and papers).

So, over to the mini tutorial, it is all rather straight forward really.

1. First print off the sheet on good quality card:

2. Next carefully cut out all the separate parts of the Easel Card.

3. Then fold the main part of the card along the lines, valley folds on both lines.

4. Once you have done that, turn the card over and apply glue to the top folded part only.

5. You then need to carefully stick the main flower shape onto the base card where you have applied the glue only. 

6. Next stick the other two shapes onto the main flower shape.

7. Choose an image and stick it place. 

8. Turn over the card again and put something in place to keep your easel card up. This could be by a big brad (a green dot can be found in the base card to show where), or by adding your own chosen sentiment on double sided sticky pads, or by adding buttons or anything else that puts a bit of a barrier up so the top of the card remains in place and doesn't slide down again. 

9. For ease of sending it, the card folds totally flat:

10. In the card below, I used a few buttons.

Not really that difficult, is it?

Hope you will have lots of fun trying this as well. Please don't forget to join in with the challenge as well if you get a chance.



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