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Our challenges run from Thursday 8 am GMT until Wednesday 6 pm GMT.

KennyK Bonus for ALL of our followers

KennyK Bonus for ALL of our followers: 50% OFF 2 digis of our followers' Choice!

KennyK Downloads wants to offer ALL of our followers a 50% discount on your TWO favorite digis! To do this, they would like to run a contest on our blog for the week of the Challenge, as follows:

  • You can vote for your two choices for the discounted digis by posting a comment on our blog below.
  • Each comment must include the full copied-and-pasted name of the digi stamp and the full copied-and-pasted URL of that digi stamp's page in our shop, to be counted as a valid vote. For example, a valid vote would appear as:

We tally the votes after the week, and the 2 items with the most votes get the discount. We will display private links to these items for the week after the challenge, during which our followers are free to purchase (AND use a standard 30% OFF discount for first purchases in the shop).

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