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The new Inlinkz, a great new widget or a pain in the proverbial?

The new Inlinkz, a great new widget or a pain in the proverbial?


We loved the fact we were able to see your entries before clicking on the link, however, we understand a lot of people have experienced problems with the new Inlinkz.

Although I promised at the end of 2018 to return to the old Inlinkz, I'm afraid this is not possible as I have been informed this will be closed down in the near future. Instead, you can find a little tutorial to help you through the process of adding your link to the new Inlinkz below.

So you would like to enter our challenges?

We love having you here, so please do.

To help you enter into our challenges, we have put some guidance in place here. We hope this will help you to enter our challenges without any problems. If you still experience any problems, Maria from Inlinkz has asked you contact Inlinkz directly explaining the exact problem you are experiencing and they will help you to sort it out. Thanks, Maria!
You can contact her at maria@inlinkz.com.

Step by step of entering our challenges

  1. First, of course, make sure you are entering the correct challenge and have a project that fits in with the current challenge. No more than two entries per person per challenge are allowed.

  1. All entries should be new projects, made and posted after the challenge you are entering your project into is published.

  1. Scroll down to the end of the challenge post and find the Inlinkz widget.

  1. Click on the 'Add your link'

  1. And the following image pops up.

  1. You now have three choices. You can either log into Inlinkz to add your link with your Facebook account, your Google account or your email address.

  1. If you click on the Facebook logo, the following pops up to log in with Facebook. If you are already logged into your Facebook account you are already half-way there. Clicking on 'Continue as 'your name'' will immediately log you onto Inlinkz and you can add your link.

  1. If you click on the Google icon, you will be confronted with the following screen.

  1. If you already have a Google account (even only a Gmail address), you can enter your email address, click next and enter your password. You are then logged into Inlinkz and can add your entry. If you don't have a Gmail address/Google account yet, you can also choose to create a free account and use this for it if you wish.

  1. If you don't have a Facebook or a Google account and do not wish to have one either, you can use the 'Continue with email address' option. When you click on this the following pops up.
  1. If you have registered with an email address to Inlinkz previously, you can add your email address and chosen password (for Inlinkz) and log in again.
If you have not previously registered for Inlinkz, you add your email address, create a password for Inlinkz and re-enter the password below (don't lose your password).

  1. Once you have registered with your email address, you are able to enter your link.

  1. You will, however, need to verify your email address to fully be entered into the challenge. Please verify your email address when the email from Inlinkz prompts you to do so.

Adding your link

  1. Now you have registered with Inlinkz for the first time using either Facebook, Google or an email address, you can enter your link into the challenge.
  1. Click on 'Add Link'. The following screen will meet you. (displaying your email address rather than ours)

(NB if you don't click on 'Logout' you will remain to be logged into Inlinkz and can skip all of the above)

  1. Now it is rather self-explanatory. Copy the link to the post containing your project where it states 'the URL of your link here'. To show what would happen, I have used one of the blog posts from my alter ego Joni Martins, author.

  1. Inlinkz automatically chooses the first image. Please click on the image you would like to be displayed.

  1. Don't forget to add your caption. Inlinkz automatically chooses to add the title of your blog post, but feel free to put your name here instead.

  1. Scroll all the way down again until you find the following.

  1. Tick the box you agree to the Terms and Conditions (having read them obviously), and you'll see the next screen.

  1. Now you can click on 'Save' and you are set.

Remember to verify your email address if you registered with your email address the first time.

We hope this little guide will help you to enter our challenges easier in future. And remember, if you still encounter problems, contact maria@inlinkz.com directly with the problem you experience and she will do what she can to help you out.

Jo and the CRAFT Team.


  1. There are a load of SPAM with this as you've probably noticed in the December entries.

    1. Hi Deanne, this is not SPAM I'm afraid. They are adds to enable us to use the free Inlinkz. If we want to avoid the ads, we need to go to the paid plan, which for a non-profit blog like ourselves is not viable.


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