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Thursday 3 December 2009

Special Ei Candy awards!

Having spent today at hospital with my seven year old son Jacob - the best I can do is a cut and paste job - thanks so much to all of you that joined in with Ei's candy. A huge thanks to Ei for providing said candy and Congratulations to the winners!

Hi Claire!

I've done the mammoth task of going through every entrant and comm for the last two weeks and visited every blog and tested every link!
It was a very difficult and carefully thought out decision but all in all I think Doreen made me laugh the most - the woman's crackers! So she's first place for my digis.
However, it was not a straight-forward decision and I AM a Libran, so I also want to give Craft-Princess some digis !!
Jacqueline (Jack-in-the-box) definitely deserves the Candy for managing to follow and link despite not having a blog! LOL!
I have an extra two awards, however.
I have a set of photopolymer stamps for the lovely Neon Rainbow for her delightful meanderings and an extra-special award for Rozzy, for being the only entrant to actually do everything I asked exactly correctly, including technique suggestion, a logo and linking! LOL! She was the exception that I managed not to confuse!
I enjoyed, totally, visiting everyone's blogs (...and I did visit them all despite not leaving comms on all of them due to lack of time...) and consider myself privileged to be in the midst of so much talent! I wish I had more candy to give! Perhaps some more digi's later on.....!
So, If I could have everyone's addresses, cyber and terrestrial, I'll pack up all the little prizes!
If it makes life easier, you can just copy and paste this e-mail into the blog!
PS I just got my new PC today and I haven't even put it up yet because I was doing my duty first! LOL!


  1. ooohhhh WOW thank you soooo much Eileen, you are very kind...and for thsoe kind words.... You didnt confuse me at all:)
    I'm the same as you with the Blogs I love to visit but dont always have the time to leave a comemnt... I do find the word verification on some of the blogs a struggle sometimes... its frustrating it you dont get it right first time.
    The digi's have come through now and thank you soo much, I will thorughly enjoy using them.
    thanks also to Clair and ALL the team on CRAFT for hosting this wonderful draw
    Hugs rozzy xx

  2. THANK YOU for picking me as one of the winners! I have sent my e-mail! :)

  3. What a delight! I've sent you my contact info for cyber, terrestial, and celestial -- thanks so much for putting me on your list!


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