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Thursday 10 June 2010

C.R.A.F.T 54 - Father's Day/Men's Cards

Can I just say, before we move on to the new challenge, what a wonderful collection of really lovely projects you lot came up with last week for the 'Newsprint' challenge! Really impressive!

Despite a couple of slight misunderstandings about what 'newsprint' is (and I apologize if it's my style of writing that obfuscates the requirements - I know I drone on sometimes...! LOL!), we had some amazing entries using a variety of newsprints including Egyptian, Chinese and Japanese would you believe! And projects from heart-shaped boxes (...very hard to make!) to picture-frames and flowers! And didn't it go well with the distressing and vintage styles?
I thought it was great!

On to this week's challenge 54 - Father's Day /Men's Cards

Well folks, most of us have got 'em, some of us have lost 'em, and some of us just wish we had!
But on the whole,
most of us love 'em! That'll be our Dads then, won't it?

So we are having a 'Father's Day' challenge (...quelle surprise...) for you to express your feelings for that man who gave you life - or vent your speen, whichever takes your fancy!

Me? I really liked my Dad. I loved him, but, I actually LIKED the little guy too! And the two don't always go hand in hand, as with any other family member...!

Although I loved and liked my lickle Dad he's, sadly, no longer here for me to give a card to so I've made one for my hubby's Dad instead. It's not my usual style of card because I've tailored it to suit the man who's in his eighties and likes tigers!

Of course, like me, not everyone still has a Dad to make for and not everyone has a Father-in-Law to practice on either, so we're accepting cards made for 'Men' too (...NOT little boys please - we're aiming for adults this week, so older teens/20's would be okay too.)

The rest of our lovely team have been equally inspired in their own ways too and have come up with a wonderful mix of inspiration for you this week!

If that's not enough - have a look at these!

Our regular sponsor Donna's Den, is offering these lovely embellishments to the lucky winning entry!

We're also, this week, so very happy to have our lovely team-mate Julie back in the harness - we've missed her beautiful work and her lovely sunny self so much. Welcome back Jools!

Here are the team's wonderful creations for this week!

I hope you enjoy making a card for the man in your life, whether it's your Dad, Husband, Son, Brother, Partner, boyfriend or kissin' cousin! It' always said it's hard to make a male card but really, I don't think it is that hard these days because there are so many lovely papers and images out there now.

As ever, we look forward with anticipation to your lovely entries and you never, ever disappoint us!
The C.R.A.F.T Team


  1. Hi Lots of lovely cards there. I thought it was time I had a go at your challenge. I hope I have linked it OK. Hugs, Mayxx

  2. Wonderful cards this week DT!

  3. Very Nice Cards Ladies...Great Job! :)

  4. Sorry Ladies I posted my link 2x. I'm #17 and #18. First Time using Mr. Linky and posting to a challenge. Now I know how to do it! LOL

  5. Lovely cards from everyone, really love that tiger!!

  6. Morning all,
    Just been admiring all the wonderful projects from the DT..Great work !
    Another great challenge this week and fab prizes too !
    l have linked my card..
    susan x

  7. Great cards here. I love the sample cards.

  8. Fab cards from all the DT. I have an entry but cannot access your linky thingy not sure why! here is my creation anyway

  9. Great challenge and design team creations. I did create a card for this challenge but Mr. Linky has disappeared. You can find my entry here.

  10. Goregous work by the DT!

    Sarah x

  11. Lots of inspiration from the DT, gorgeous and amusing cards, love em! Thanks for sharing, ~Diane

  12. Great selection of DT cards. Great challenge

  13. Hi just found your blog and had to have a go at this week's challenge. Great DT cards, I've linked mine, hope you like it x

    Susie xx

  14. Thank you for this fun challenge for those hard to do male things. Lovely projects from the DT too :D

  15. Fabulous cards by the DT! Thanks for a fun challenge, ladies!


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