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Thursday 24 June 2010

C.R.A.F.T 56 - Black, Lime and Lilac

We do love our recipes and colour challenges on C.R.A.F.T ! And this week it's a colour-challenge Black, Lime Green and Lilac.

Please can I request you get as close to LIME and LILAC as you can? Bottle and emerald just won't do folks, neither will purple or mauve! I know I'm a slave-driver, but what's the point of a challenge if we don't make it at least a little challenging.....!

I can give you the Copics codes for them, if you'd like them - G21 -Lime Green and V04 - Lilac but any approximation to these is absolutely fine - don't want to be too strict do we? LOL!

We welcome Sassy Studio Designs as our sponsors this week........this is what Lynsey has to say about her company
Sassy Studio Designs is a fresh new company. We have been designing and selling for less than a year, and we have been kindly received into the community of digi stampers and crafters. I started designing images shortly after I started stamping, reason being...I didn't hardly like anything else out there I was a young adult woman at the time I was engaged, had no kids, I wanted fun sexy images that I would enjoy using and my friends and hubby would enjoy receiving. I designed images for 2 other digi stamp companies when my wonderful hubby kept trying to get me to go out on my own. So in June 2009 thanks to the few faithful followers I had, Sassy Studio Designs was born! It has been a wonderful journey starting my own store. We have just grown so much these past months.I still try to keep with my original philosophy and reason for designing stamps, make them fun and keep them sassy...and yes sometimes even sexy!


From our ever so creative DT this week we have.....







I discovered at 8a..m. this morning that half the post had disappeared...so appologies for anyone that was looking for it earlier. Mr Blogger is obviously having some fun today! Anyway hope you enjoy this weeks challenge, we are looking forward to those Lime,Lilac and black creations already!


  1. Hi there,

    I tried to add my entrie to mister linky, but it doesn't seem to work.
    I'll come back later!


  2. Hi.
    Here is my card for this week:


    Smiles from Ane Lene

  3. Mr Linky does not seem to be working so here is mine
    Great work by the DT.

  4. Mr. Linky is still not working, so here is mine.

  5. Mr Linky not working so here is my link http://lynda-alittleofwhatyoufancy.blogspot.com/2010/06/black-lime-and-lilac.html

    Loved the theme - not colours i usually put together.


  6. lol thats a heck of a color combo, gotta put my thinking cap on for this one

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Love the colour comb you've chosen - not sure if Mr Linky is working properly so my card is here - tried to link but it won't let me use HTML ...


  9. Great challenge - loved working with these colours - perfect for the card I wanted to make :o) xx

  10. love this color combo - great for either a male or female depending on how you play it up

  11. What a fun challenge! I love these colors together! Thanks!

    I think Mister Linky worked, but just in case:


  12. How do I not have more green in my stash?? Its my fave colour! Pretty sure Mr Linky worked...


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